Center for Creativity & Arts

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The Center for Creativity & Arts is on a mission to integrate the arts into your college curriculum, campus life experience, and extra-curricular activities. Find out what we're all about.


Meet the some of people making creativity & art a central part of Emorys campus, sign up for the email club, or find out about hiring student artists for your event.

Academic Support 

The Center for Creativity & Arts provides administrative support to the Integrated Visual Arts Co-Major and the Academic Concentration in Arts Management.

Marketing and Outreach

The Center for Creativity & Arts manages the comprehensive public outreach efforts and marketing strategy for all of the departments and programs that comprise the Arts at Emory.


Here are some ways Emory alumni can keep in touch with the Arts at Emory.


Read the latest edition of Creative Encounters: the annual newsletter from the Center for Creativity & Arts

Five-Year Report

A report of CCA programs and funding for the years 2012-2017