Concentration in Arts Management

Students on the 2018 Arts Management Trek to New York City

About the Concentration

The Concentration in Arts Management is a collaboration between the departments of Art History, Theater, Dance and Music in Emory College and the Goizueta Business School BBA Program. This concentration provides knowledge, competencies and experiences for BA and BBA students interested in pursuing administrative and management careers in the creative and performing arts.

BBA students who complete this concentration focus on the history, politics and practice of the arts field of their choice within the college. BA students complement their understanding of their arts field with classes in the Business School.

Courses offer academic perspectives and real-world experience through internships and field studies. Students who complete the concentration acquire grounding in the basic principles of business practices including management, marketing, finances, fundraising, philanthropy and ethics.

Course Requirements

Junior Year Core Requirements

Arts Core for BBA Students

Art History Focus

ARTHIST 101 - Art/Architecture: Prehistory to Renaissance
ARTHIST 102 - Art/Architecture: Renaissance to Present

Dance Focus

DANC 299 - Introduction to Dance

and a one (1) credit studio dance class from the list below

DANC 150R - Movement Improvisation (highly recommended)
DANC 123R, 223R, 323R, 423R - Modern Technique courses (highly recommended)
DANC 124R, 224R, 324R - Jazz Technique courses
DANC 121R, 221R, 321R, 421R - Ballet Technique courses
DANC 226 - Somatic Practices

Music Focus

MUS 114 - Introductory Theory & Composition

AND two Music electives from the list below.

Theater Focus

THEA 216 - Theater History II

and one of:

THEA 210 - Reading for Performance
THEA 230 - Principles of Design
THEA 240 - Arts Administration
THEA 250 - Directing I (prerequisites: Theater 120, or a 200-level acing course, or permission of instructor) 

Business Core for Art History, Dance Music and Theater students

Two of the following three BBA Core Classes:

FIN 220 - Finance for Non-Business Students
OAM 330 - Principles of Organization and Management
MKT 340 - Marketing Management

Junior or Senior Year Elective Courses

Two electives must be completed from the following list. At least one of these electives must be in the program that is not the student's own school of enrollment. For the music concentration, both classes must be in music. Students may not count core classes in their own program as electives towards the concentration. Note that many courses require core classes as prerequisites. Consult advisors or the course catalog for complete information.

All students are strongly encouraged to take TS240, Arts Administration.


Concentration electives offered through the BBA Program

FIN 321 - Finance and Economics of the Film Industry
ISOM 352 - Project Management and Collaboration
ISOM 450 - Foundations of Digital Enterprises and Markets
MKT 342 - Market Intelligence and Customer Insights (must have completed a statistics class)
MKT 343 - Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy
MKT 441 - Ideation
MKT 446 - Advertising and Marketing Communications
OAM 331 - Strategic Management (open to only those who have taken 330)
OAM 335 - Strategies for Entertainment and Media
OAM 336 - Catalyzing Social Impact
OAM 431 - Social Enterprise
OAM 432 - Negotiations


Concentration electives offered through the Art History Department

Students may complete most 200- or 300-level Art History course to fulfill the elective requirement. The exceptions are:

ARTHIST 210 - Intro to Computer-aided Design
ARTHIST 387 - Issues in Art Conservation
ARTHIST 388 - Technical Art History

These courses may not be used toward the concentration.


Concentration electives offered through the Dance Program

DANC 220 History of Western Concert Dance (permission of the instructor)
DA229 Introduction to Dance
DANC/THEA 230 Principles of Design
DANC 240 Dance Literacy
DANC/THEA 329 Art as Work: Self, Community and Practice.
THEA 240 Arts Administration (All students STRONGLY encouraged to take this class)


Concentration electives offered through the Music Department

MUS 204WR: Music Cultures of the World
MUS 211: Tango Music and Dance (permission of the instructor required)
MUS 215: Jazz: Its Evolution and Essence
MUS 250W Writing About Music
MUS 270.270W Special Topics in Music
MUS 280: Early Music Explorations
MUS 281: Baroque Music
MUS 282: Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven
MUS 283: 19th-Century Music
MUS 284: Music and Contemporary Society
MUS 303: Black Music: Culture, Commerce, and the Racial Imagination
MUS 304: Music & Cultural Revolution in the 1960s
MUS 306: Music of the Harlem Renaissance
MUS 307: Bebop and Beyond
MUS 347: Elec Music/Midi Technology
MUS 370/370W Special Topics in Music


Concentration electives offered through the Theater Department

Any 200 or 300 level 3 credit (or more) classes and above: THEA 240 Arts Administration is strongly encouraged.

Senior Year Capstone Course

All students (Arts majors and BBA Students) must participate in the Senior year capstone course.

ECS 491 - Leadership, Ethics and Organizational Effectiveness

Co-Curricular Activities

Speakers and seminars
Field Projects