Using Your Arts Passport

How Can I Get an Arts Passport?

Freshmen, transfer students and Oxford continuees are automatically enrolled in the Arts Passport Program. Any other Emory University student can join the passport program by purchasing an Arts Passport from the Arts at Emory box office in the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts.

Your Arts Passport is a key fob that goes on your key ring. When you go to the box office, you will be asked to provide additional information for their electronic database, to be sure that you are eligible or have purchased a passport.

How Do I Use It?

Here's what you do: use your passport membership to receive a free ticket to the performance. There are two ways to go about doing this:

1) To avoid a sold-out situation, get your ticket in advance by visiting the Arts at Emory box office in the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts in person. Present your Emory Card and passport to a box office associate and let them know which event you want to attend. Keep in mind, some shows have several performances, so know which night you want to go! You are entitled to one free ticket to each passport event.

2) If you want to play it fast-and-loose, you can go the second (less-recommended) route. If there are seats left on the date of a performance, they will be sold one hour before show time at the box office. The same system applies: show up with your Emory Card and passport, and let them know you would like a ticket. Remember, if the show is already sold out, you might not get a seat!

For Your Passport Challenged Friends

Can I attend an event with someone who isn't a passport member? Of course you can, but they must purchase their own ticket separately. For events with assigned seating, however, there's no guarantee you will be able to sit together unless you reserve your tickets at the same time.

Why not just tell your friends to become Passport members, so they can go for free, too?


If you think you're eligible for a free passport or to find out more about participating in the Passport program contact the CCA Arts Fellow Loli Lucaciu.