Stipe Society for Creative Scholars

Art Lock In

The John H. Gordon Stipe Society was founded to foster creativity and original scholarship among Emory College students. The Stipe Society is comprised of six appointed scholars each year, one from each area of the creative and performing arts.

Stipe Fellows

In any given academic year, five Stipe Fellows (six beginning in fall of 2016) are chosen to receive a $4,000 academic tuition scholarship. One student is chosen from each area of creative writing, dance, film, music, theater, and visual arts. Only rising juniors and seniors are eligible to receive this award and each nominee must be a major in their department or an IVAC major. The term of the fellowship is one academic year. 

2015-2016 Stipe Fellows

Jessica Bertram (17C) - Dance
Suh-Hee (Rebecca) Han (16C) - Film & Media
Nysa Loudon (16C) - Theater
Caroline Schmidt (16C) - Creative Writing
Ryan Sutherland (16C) - Music

What do Stipe Fellows do?

Great question. Stipe Fellows help promote the arts across campus and are charged with bolstering student enthusiasm for and involvement in the arts. This can mean tabling at Wonderful Wednesdays to spread the word about upcoming performances, or hosting creative events like the Emory Art Lock-In. 

But that's not all. In addition to promoting the arts, Stipe Fellows have the opportunity (and are highly encouraged) to create art for themselves. Stipe Fellows are eligible to apply to the Stipe Society to receive funding for personal creative projects to be presented on Emory's campus.

Stipe Society 

There's a difference?  Yes, sort of. Any former Stipe Fellow still on campus after the term of their one-year fellowship is still a member of the Stipe Society. While these students no longer receive the academic scholarship, they can still apply to the Stipe Society for grants to create art projects on campus.

Stipe Grants

Stipe Fellows and other members of the Stipe Society are eligible to apply for additional grant money intended to fun artistic projects and creative scholarship. Download the application now. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the academic year.


Questions about the Stipe Society? Email us at We'll sort you out.