Classroom Mini Grants

The Center for Creativity & Arts (CCA) offers the Classroom Creative Arts Mini Grant program to support Emory College faculty using the creative and performing arts in the classroom to extend and explore the curriculum. 

A Classroom Creative Arts Mini Grant should be used for an activity directly related to a class you are teaching. Anyone currently teaching an Emory College course is eligible, including graduate students, adjunct faculty, visiting faculty, lecturers, or tenure track faculty. Preference will be given to teachers who have not received past grants and for new course offerings. Only one application per faculty member per semester. Only one application per class (i.e. co-teachers can’t both apply for the same class). The request can be up to $300.

Classroom grant applications are no longer being accepted for Spring 2016 classes.

Grants for Fall 2016 will be accepted now through of April 29, 2016. Additional applciations will be accepted August 15, 2016 through September 15, 2016.

This fund supports:

  • Classroom materials that may not be covered by regular departmental funds
  • Honoraria for guest artists (non-Emory)
  • Travel expenses for off campus class visits (also please look at the CCA Out There Arts Program)

Please Note:

  • We do not fund the purchase of technological hardware (computers, voice recorders, iPads, etc.)
  • Applicants must either have their own Smartkey account or be connected to a department with a Smartkey account
  • Approved expenses can be purchased by the CCA or reimbursed with the submission of a departmental transfer
  • Applicants must also participate in an assessment of the program

Classroom Grant Application