Donna and Marvin Schwartz Foundation Artist in Residence Program

Actor and 2014 Schwartz artist in residence Julian Sands

The Donna and Marvin Schwartz Artist-in-Residence Program (DMS AIRP) at Emory University seeks to increase substantially the depth, diversity and profile of performing arts education in the Emory and greater Atlanta communities by providing opportunities for meaningful contact with performing artists, composers, and art scholars from throughout the world.

Artists whose work reflects international and diverse cultural dimensions will be engaged for extended periods of time during which they provide Emory and Atlanta area students with teaching, master classes, lectures, and demonstrations often culminating in a public performance of their work in the Schwartz Center. The committee will entertain residency applications for artists of any discipline or artistic scholars. A meaningful portion of the residency must take place on Emory University campus. This includes lectures, workshops, film showings, classes, and art installations.

Projects should supplement or enhance planned programmatic content or create unique opportunities for the Emory student and the community.

Selection Process

The DMS AIRP Committee will grant funds to applications that achieve the goals of the mission statement above. The following criteria will also apply:

Applications will only be accepted from Emory Arts programs/departments and must include a sponsoring faculty member.

Artistic Excellence

  • Quality of the artist – The committee will consider emerging as well as established artists
  • Artistic, curricular, or programmatic significance of the residency

Project Merit

  • Potential impact on the academic, artistic, and cultural community
  • Potential for the project to achieve the applicant’s desired outcome
  • Feasibility of the project, the appropriateness of the budget, the clarity of the goals and design, the resources required, and the qualifications of the organizers

Application Guidelines


  • Brief project summary statement specifying impact on and involvement of Emory students.
  • Letter of intent stating the name and dates of the residency, the amount of funding requested, a statement of how the project and selected artist(s) fulfills the original intent of the grant as summarized in the DMS AIRP Mission Statement, and the name and contact information for both the individual organizing and the department supporting the project.
  • Letter of support from department chair/ program director.
  • One-page narrative describing the project, key people involved, how students are engaged, the artistic, curricular, or programmatic merit, and significance of the project to the community, as well as how the residency will be promoted to the campus and community.
  • Budget, including detailed income, expenses, and additional income sources or in-kind support. Please specify if support is pending or approved.
  • Proposed itinerary for the artist(s) and a schedule of residency activities.
  • Resume/biography for each artist.
  • Statement describing how the residency will be documented for the DMS AIRP archives.

Supporting multimedia can be submitted by CD/DVD, flash drive, or web links, and must be provided with the application. Completed applications can be submitted electronically or via campus mail. Electronic submission is preferred. 

Attn: Rachael Walters Brightwell
Campus Mailstop 3261-003-1AA / 404-727-1687

Additional information

  • Applications received after the deadline will still be considered, but may not be included in annual promotional materials.
  • Awards will be determined by available funds and quality of the proposed project. All residency activity dates, times, and locations must have proof of approval from the appropriate/intended department prior to submission.
  • Upon approval, grantees may submit event details for posting in the online arts calendar and applicable arts email newsletters. If submitted by print deadlines, events may be publicized in printed materials, where applicable. Further assistance with promotion of public events may be provided at the discretion of the Center for Creativity & Arts (CCA) Marketing Manager. The CCA staff is not responsible for the promotion of the residency events, but may be able to offer guidance and liaise with the press and Emory Communications.
  • Up to $500 in itemized marketing expenses may be requested as part of the application. Upon request, a sample marketing plan is available from the CCA Communications Manager.
  • When applicable, the inclusion of a Rosemary Magee Creativity Conversation is encouraged as part of the residency application.
  • All publicity for DMS AIRP-sponsored events must credit the DMS AIRP sponsorship with the following statement: “Sponsored in part (or in full) by a grant from the Donna and Marvin Schwartz Artist-in-Residence Program”. All marketing materials must be submitted to the CCA for approval prior to distribution.
  • The DMS AIRP committee does not fund projects retroactively.
  • Travel expenses may be supported for visiting artists only.
  • Requests for equipment and software will not be funded.
  • Reception and other food costs will not be funded.
  • Projects can often involve rental of space and/or equipment. Rental fees should be included in the project budget and can be funded at the discretion of the AIR Committee.
  • A summary of the residency, with accompanying photos and/or videos, is due to the DMS AIRP committee chair within 30 days following the final event.