Integrated Visual Arts Topical Courses

* These courses have been pre-approved to fufill the upper level topical course in each area, requisite for completion of of the Integrated Visual Arts Co-Major. Please check the Emory College Course Atlas for current course offerings and availability.

Upper Level Topical Courses by Area: Art History | Dance | Film and Media | Theater


Art History 300 Level Courses

ARTHIST 319R: Spec Stud:Ancient Egyptian Art

ARTHIST 329: Topics Art Of Class Antiquity

ARTHIST 329W: Topics Art Of Class Antiquity

ARTHIST 335: Spec Stud:Ancient Amer Art His

ARTHIST 339R: Spec Stud:Medieval Art Hist

ARTHIST 340: Gothic Art And Architecture

ARTHIST 345: The Formation Of Islamic Art

ARTHIST 349: Spec Stud:Renaissance Art Hist

ARTHIST 349W: Spec Stud:Renaissance Art Hist

ARTHIST 355: Afric Art/Architec After 1500

ARTHIST 359: Spec Stud:17th/18th Cent Art

ARTHIST 363: Lit & Visual Culture in Japan

ARTHIST 363W: Lit & Visual Culture in Japan

ARTHIST 365: Postcolonial African Art

ARTHIST 367: 20th C African American Art

ARTHIST 369: Spec Stud:19th/20th Cent Art

ARTHIST 369W: Spec Stud:19th/20th Cent Art

ARTHIST 373: The Russian Avantgarde

ARTHIST 379R: Spec Studies American Art

ARTHIST 389R: Spec Studi African Art Arch

ARTHIST 393R: Special Studies History of Art

ARTHIST 397R: Internship In History Of Art

ARTHIST 398R: Supervised Reading & Research

Art History 400 Level Courses

ARTHIST 470R: Sem:Ancient Mediterr/Anatolian

ARTHIST 470RW: Sem:Ancient Mediterr/Anatolian

ARTHIST 475: Sem:Med/Euro/Renais/Baroque

ARTHIST 475W: Sem:Med/Euro/Renais/Baroque

ARTHIST 480R: Sem:Late18th Cont Eur&Am Art

ARTHIST 480RW: Sem:Late18th Cont Eur&Am Art

ARTHIST 485: Sem:Art-Anc Amer/Afr/Afr Diasp


Dance 200 Level Courses

DANC 211: Tango: Argentina's Art Form

DANC 220: History Of Western Concert Dance

DANC 229: Introduction To Dance

DANC 240: Dance Literacy

Dance 300 Level Courses

DANC 329: Contemporary Issues In Dance

DANC 330: Dance Pedagogy

Dance 400 Level Courses

DANC 493R: Spec Proj:Hist/Theoreticl Rsch


Film Studies 300 Level Courses

FILM 356: History Of American Television

FILM 371: History Of Film To 1954

FILM 372: History Of Film Since 1954

FILM 373: Special Topics in Film

FILM 373W: Special Topics in Film

FILM 374: Animation

FILM 375: The Russian Avantgarde

FILM 381: Classical Film Theory

FILM 381W: Classical Film Theory

FILM 382: Contemporary Film Theory

FILM 384: Literature & Cultural Studies

FILM 384W: Literature & Cultural Studies

FILM 388: Classical Hollywood Cinema

FILM 389: Special Topics in Media

FILM 389W: Special Topics in Media

FILM 391: Studies in Major Figures

FILM 392R: Genre Studies

FILM 393: Documentary

FILM 394: Screening China

FILM 394W: Screening China

FILM 395: National Cinemas

FILM 396R: Non-Western National Cinemas

Film Studies 400 Level Courses

FILM 401: Film Criticism

FILM 401W: Film Criticism

FILM 405R: Experimental/Avant-Garde Cinema

FILM 404: Women And Film

FILM 406: African-Amer/American Cinema

FILM 411: Spec Project In Film Studies


Theater Studies 300 Level Courses

THEA 312: Sem:Shakespeare In Performance

THEA 313: Hist Of American Drama/Thea

THEA 314: 20th Century Music Theater

THEA 315R: Stud In Period Drama

THEA 316R: Studies in Genre

THEA 317R: Studies in a Major Figure

THEA 324R: Studies in Period Style

THEA 365: Modern Drama

THEA 365W: Modern Drama

THEA 366: Contemporary Drama

THEA 366W: Contemporary Drama

THEA 389: Spec Tops:Lit,Hist,Aesth Thea

THEA 389W: Spec Tops:Lit,Hist,Aesth Thea

Theater Studies 400 Level Courses

THEA 494RW: Honors in Playwriting

THEA 495R: Honors Project In Theater

THEA 495RW: Honors Project In Theater

THEA 497R: Advanced Directed Studies

THEA 499R: Spec Proj In Theater Studies