Integrated Visual Arts Courses

* These courses have been approved for students seeking to complete the Integrated Visual Arts Co-Major. Please check the Emory College Course Atlas for current course offerings and availability.

Approved Courses by Area: Art History | Visual Art | Dance | Film and Media | Theater


Art History 100 Level Courses

ARTHIST 101: Art/Architecture Prehistory To Renaissance

ARTHIST 102: Art/Architecture Renaissance To Present

ARTHIST 103: Understanding Architecture 

ARTHIST 104: Architectural Survey (Pending--NEW COURSE)  

Art History 200 Level Courses

ARTHIST 213: Ancient Egypt Art 3000 - 1550BC

ARTHIST 214: Ancient Egyptian Art 1550 - 30BC

ARTHIST 220: Bronze Age Greece

ARTHIST 221: Ancient Greek Art/Architecture

ARTHIST 222: Art & Architecture Of Ancient Rome

ARTHIST 225: Ancient Mesoamerican Art/Architecture

ARTHIST 226: Ancient South & Central American Art

ARTHIST 231: Early Medieval Art, 200-900

ARTHIST 232: Monastery & Cathedral 900-1300

ARTHIST 233: Introducing Medieval Buildings

ARTHIST 241: Northern Renaissance Art

ARTHIST 242: Italian Renaissance Art/Architecture

ARTHIST 244: Art in Renaissance Europe

ARTHIST 251: Arch/City Plan Europe

ARTHIST 252: European Painting, 1590-1789

ARTHIST 259R: Historical Perspectives/European Art Topics

ARTHIST 259RW: Historical Perspectives/European Art Topics

ARTHIST 261: Europe In The Age Of Revolution

ARTHIST 262: Europe In The Late 19th Century

ARTHIST 265: Europe In The 20th Century

ARTHIST 265W: Europe In The 20th Century

ARTHIST 266: Contemporary Europe And America

ARTHIST 271: American Art/Architecture Before The Civil War

ARTHIST 272: Century After The Civil War

ARTHIST 273: Survey Of American Painting

ARTHIST 275: Modern Architecture: 1880 ¿ 1945

ARTHIST 280: Arts Of Black Atlantic World

ARTHIST 282: Art Of East & Southern Africa

ARTHIST 285: Contemporary Caribbean/Latin American Art

ARTHIST 289W: Perspectives on Non-West Art Topics

ARTHIST 290R: Seminar: Art & Architecture America/Europe

Visual Art Classes

Visual Arts 100 Level Courses

ARTVIS 103: Intro Drawing and Printmaking

ARTVIS 105 Intro Painting

ARTVIS 109: Intro Sculpture

ARTVIS 111: Foundations in Art Practices I 

ARTVIS 112: Foundations in Art Practices II

Visual Arts 200 Level Courses

ARTVIS 203: Intermediate Drawing and Printmaking

ARTVIS 205:  Intermediate Painting

ARTVIS 209:  Intermediate Sculpture

ARTHIST 210: Intro to Graphics and CAD 

ARTVIS 215:  Chinese Art, Culture and Society through Calligraphy

ARTVIS 290:  Special Topics: Study Abroad

ARTVIS 290W: Special Topics: Study Abroad

Visual Arts 300 Level Courses

ARTVIS 303R: Drawing and Painting Tutorial

ARTVIS 305R: Painting Tutorial

ARTVIS 309R: Sculpture Tutorial

ARTHIST 318: Natural Science Illustration 

ARTHIST 387: Conservation/Cultural Properties 

ARTVIS 390: Special Topics: Study Abroad

ARTVIS 390W: Special Topics: Study Abroad

ARTVIS 389: Special Topics

ARTVIS 398R:  Directed Study

Visual Arts 400 Level Courses

ARTVIS 490: Senior Seminar

ARTVIS 496R: Internship in the Visual Arts


Dance 100 Level Courses

DANC 150R: Movement Improvisation AND one other 1credit class for a total of two credits

Dance 200 Level Courses

DANC 230: Principles Of Design

DANC 240: Dance Literacy

DANC 250: Choreography I

Dance 300 Level Courses

DANC 350: Choreography II

DANC 360R: Choreographic Laboratory

Dance 400 Level Courses

DANC 492R: Special Projects: Technical Production

DANC 497R: Special Projects: Choreography


Film Studies 100 Level Courses

FILM 106: Photography

FILM 107: Film, Video & Photography I

Film Studies 200 Level Courses

FILM 206: Photography II

Film Studies 300-Level Courses

FILM 306: Advanced Photography

FILM 378R: Screenwriting

FILM 378RW: Screenwriting

FILM 385: Documentary Filmmaking I

FILM 386: Documentary Film Making II

FILM 387: Documentary Filmmaking III

FILM 399: Internship/Filmmaking Projects


Theater Studies 100 Level Courses

THEA 130: Basic Stagecraft

Theater Studies 200-Level Courses

THEA 230: Principles Of Design

THEA 250: Directing I

Theater Studies 300-Level Courses

THEA 330R: Stagecraft Laboratory

THEA 331: Costume Design

THEA 332: Set Design

THEA 333: Lighting Design

THEA 335: Scenic Painting

THEA 350: Directing II

THEA 397R: Directed Studies In Theater

Theater Studies 400-Level Courses

THEA 431R: Costume Design Tutorial

THEA 432R: Scene Design Tutorial

THEA 433R: Lighting Design Tutorial

THEA 450R: Directing Tutorial

THEA 489: Special Topics: Theater

THEA 489W: Special Topics: Theater

THEA 497R: Advanced Directed Studies

THEA 499R: Spec Project In Theater Studies