Creativity Through the Life Cycle Conference (2011)

Creativity Through the Life Cycle was an interdisciplinary conference held at the Emory University Conference Center April 14-17, 2011. The conference explored creativity at all life stages, particularly the role of creativity in later life, creativity in the world of scholarship and the university, and the development of a "signature style." Conference participants included renowned psychoanalysts, therapists, and scholars; as well as visual artists, musicians, clinicians, and scientists.

This conference was jointly sponsored by Emory University's Center for Faculty Development & Excellence, Center for Creativity & Arts, Hightower Fund, Center for Psychoanalytic Research and Education, Psychoanalytic Institute, Psychoanalytic Studies Program, the American Psychoanalytic Association, Education Division, the North American Psychoanalytic Confederation, and the Lucy Daniels Foundation. It was also sponsored by and was a part of the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the International Psychoanalytical Association.