The Integrated Visual Arts Co-major (IVAC) allows undergraduate students a structured opportunity to explore visual media and art making, and to develop their creative skills in connection with a general program of humanistic education.

Classes in art history, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, theatrical design, filmmaking, conceptual art practices, digital media and new media, as well as other academic areas make up the IVAC course offerings.  Studio courses emphasize direct, hands-on art making under the guidance of expert practitioners.

The Integrated Visual Arts Co-major is available to undergraduate students in Emory College, the Goizueta Business School, the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, and Oxford College continuees.

Please direct inquiries and requests for additional information to creativity@emory.edu.

IVAC Requirements

A co-major in Integrated Visual Arts will be awarded to students who successfully complete the IVAC requirements, as summarized below, while majoring in another academic department. Students must complete a total of nine courses combined from the Art History Department and pre-approved list of Integrated Visual Arts classes (see Integrated Visual Arts Courses by Area).

Students who are majoring in one of the participating departments whose classes are part of the Integrated Visual Arts core of classes may use up to two classes for both their primary major and their Integrated Visual Arts Co-major.

All courses taken for IVAC must be letter graded and may be taken in fulfillment of the distribution requirement HAP (Humanities, Arts and Performance). Summer courses and study abroad will be accepted. AP credit will not be accepted.

Course Requirements

a) Five Integrated Visual Arts courses, one of which may be a semester of the Foundations in Art Practices ARTVIS 111/112 (though enrollment preference will be given to Art History majors and minors), and at least two of which must be upper-level courses.

b) Two Art History courses or alternatively, one Art History and one cross-listed Archeology course. One of the Art History courses must be in the modern period (19th century to the present); ARTHIST 102 fulfills this requirement and is highly recommended.

c) One upper level topical course in an area related to the student's focus. Each department will determine what coursework is relevant in their area. 

d) ARTVIS 490 Senior Seminar. A fall semester required class for all seniors enrolled in the co-major. This course will provide a formal structure in which the senior students will develop, discuss and present their ideas for their final project and presentation.

Integrated Visual Arts Courses

View the list of approved Integrated Visual Arts courses by area.

View the list of approved upper level topical courses by area.