Integrated Visual Arts Co-major

Artwork by IVAC co-major Purvi Bidasaria 18C

The Integrated Visual Arts Co-major (IVAC) allows undergraduate students a structured opportunity to explore visual media and art making, and to develop their creative skills in connection with a general program of humanistic education

Classes in art history, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, theatrical design, filmmaking, conceptual art practices, digital media and new media, as well as other academic areas make up the IVAC course offerings. Studio courses emphasize direct, hands-on art making under the guidance of expert practitioners.

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IVAC Requirements

Students must complete a total of nine courses combined from the Art History Department and pre-approved list of Integrated Visual Arts classes.

  • Students who are majoring in one of the participating departments whose classes are part of the Integrated Visual Arts core of classes may use up to two classes for both their primary major and their Integrated Visual Arts Co-major.
  • All courses taken for IVAC must be letter graded and may be taken in fulfillment of the distribution requirement HAP (Humanities, Arts and Performance).
  • Summer courses and study abroad will be accepted. AP credit will not be accepted.
  • While most courses listed in the IVAC are open to all students, some are available only for students enrolled in the co-major or by special permission.
  • Entry-level classes in the Integrated Arts Co-major are offered every year.
  • Student enrollment preference is given to Integrated Visual Arts Co-majors.

Course Requirements

Integrated Visual Arts Courses

Co-majors must take five Integrated Visual Arts courses, one of which may be a semester of the Foundations in Art Practices ARTVIS 111/112 (though enrollment preference will be given to Art History majors and minors), and at least two of which must be upper level-courses.

Please check the Emory College Course Atlas for current course offerings and availability

Approved Courses by Area: Art History | Visual Art | Dance | Film and Media Studies | Theater


Art History 100 Level Courses

ARTHIST 101: Art/Architecture Prehistory To Renaissance

ARTHIST 102: Art/Architecture Renaissance To Present

ARTHIST 103: Understanding Architecture 

ARTHIST 104: Architectural Survey (Pending--NEW COURSE)

Art History 200 Level Courses

ARTHIST 213: Ancient Egypt Art 3000 - 1550BC

ARTHIST 214: Ancient Egyptian Art 1550 - 30BC

ARTHIST 220: Bronze Age Greece

ARTHIST 221: Ancient Greek Art/Architecture

ARTHIST 222: Art & Architecture Of Ancient Rome

ARTHIST 225: Ancient Mesoamerican Art/Architecture

ARTHIST 226: Ancient South & Central American Art

ARTHIST 231: Early Medieval Art, 200-900

ARTHIST 232: Monastery & Cathedral 900-1300

ARTHIST 233: Introducing Medieval Buildings

ARTHIST 241: Northern Renaissance Art

ARTHIST 242: Italian Renaissance Art/Architecture

ARTHIST 244: Art in Renaissance Europe

ARTHIST 251: Arch/City Plan Europe

ARTHIST 252: European Painting, 1590-1789

ARTHIST 259R: Historical Perspectives/European Art Topics

ARTHIST 259RW: Historical Perspectives/European Art Topics

ARTHIST 261: Europe In The Age Of Revolution

ARTHIST 262: Europe In The Late 19th Century

ARTHIST 265: Europe In The 20th Century

ARTHIST 265W: Europe In The 20th Century

ARTHIST 266: Contemporary Europe And America

ARTHIST 271: American Art/Architecture Before The Civil War

ARTHIST 272: Century After The Civil War

ARTHIST 273: Survey Of American Painting

ARTHIST 275: Modern Architecture: 1880 ¿ 1945

ARTHIST 280: Arts Of Black Atlantic World

ARTHIST 282: Art Of East & Southern Africa

ARTHIST 285: Contemporary Caribbean/Latin American Art

ARTHIST 289W: Perspectives on Non-West Art Topics

ARTHIST 290R: Seminar: Art & Architecture America/Europe

Visual Art Classes

Visual Arts 100 Level Courses

ARTVIS 103: Intro Drawing and Printmaking

ARTVIS 105 Intro Painting

ARTVIS 109: Intro Sculpture

ARTVIS 111: Foundations in Art Practices I 

ARTVIS 112: Foundations in Art Practices II

Visual Arts 200 Level Courses

ARTVIS 203: Intermediate Drawing and Printmaking

ARTVIS 205:  Intermediate Painting

ARTVIS 209:  Intermediate Sculpture

ARTHIST 210: Intro to Graphics and CAD 

ARTVIS 215:  Chinese Art, Culture and Society through Calligraphy

ARTVIS 290:  Special Topics: Study Abroad

ARTVIS 290W: Special Topics: Study Abroad

Visual Arts 300 Level Courses

ARTVIS 303R: Drawing and Painting Tutorial

ARTVIS 305R: Painting Tutorial

ARTVIS 309R: Sculpture Tutorial

ARTHIST 318: Natural Science Illustration 

ARTHIST 387: Conservation/Cultural Properties 

ARTVIS 390: Special Topics: Study Abroad

ARTVIS 390W: Special Topics: Study Abroad

ARTVIS 389: Special Topics

ARTVIS 398R:  Directed Study

Visual Arts 400 Level Courses

ARTVIS 490: Senior Seminar

ARTVIS 496R: Internship in the Visual Arts


Dance 100 Level Courses

DANC 150R: Movement Improvisation AND one other 1credit class for a total of two credits

Dance 200 Level Courses

DANC 230: Principles Of Design

DANC 240: Dance Literacy

DANC 250: Choreography I

Dance 300 Level Courses

DANC 350: Choreography II

DANC 360R: Choreographic Laboratory

Dance 400 Level Courses

DANC 492R: Special Projects: Technical Production

DANC 497R: Special Projects: Choreography


Film Studies 100 Level Courses

FILM 106: Photography

FILM 107: Film, Video & Photography I

Film Studies 200 Level Courses

FILM 206: Photography II

Film Studies 300 Level Courses

FILM 306: Advanced Photography

FILM 378R: Screenwriting

FILM 378RW: Screenwriting

FILM 385: Documentary Filmmaking I

FILM 386: Documentary Film Making II

FILM 387: Documentary Filmmaking III

FILM 399: Internship/Filmmaking Projects


Theater Studies 100 Level Courses

THEA 130: Basic Stagecraft

Theater Studies 200 Level Courses

THEA 230: Principles Of Design

THEA 250: Directing I

Theater Studies 300 Level Courses

THEA 330R: Stagecraft Laboratory

THEA 331: Costume Design

THEA 332: Set Design

THEA 333: Lighting Design

THEA 335: Scenic Painting

THEA 350: Directing II

THEA 397R: Directed Studies In Theater

Theater Studies 400 Level Courses

THEA 431R: Costume Design Tutorial

THEA 432R: Scene Design Tutorial

THEA 433R: Lighting Design Tutorial

THEA 450R: Directing Tutorial

THEA 489: Special Topics: Theater

THEA 489W: Special Topics: Theater

THEA 497R: Advanced Directed Studies

THEA 499R: Spec Project In Theater Studies

Upper Level Topical Courses

Co-majors must take one upper level topical course in an area related to the student's focus. Each department will determine what coursework is relevant in their area.

*Please check the Emory College Course Atlas for current course offerings and availability.

Upper Level Topical Courses by Area: Art History | Dance | Film and Media | Theater


Art History 300 Level Courses

ARTHIST 319R: Spec Stud:Ancient Egyptian Art

ARTHIST 329: Topics Art Of Class Antiquity

ARTHIST 329W: Topics Art Of Class Antiquity

ARTHIST 335: Spec Stud:Ancient Amer Art His

ARTHIST 339R: Spec Stud:Medieval Art Hist

ARTHIST 340: Gothic Art And Architecture

ARTHIST 345: The Formation Of Islamic Art

ARTHIST 349: Spec Stud:Renaissance Art Hist

ARTHIST 349W: Spec Stud:Renaissance Art Hist

ARTHIST 355: Afric Art/Architec After 1500

ARTHIST 359: Spec Stud:17th/18th Cent Art

ARTHIST 363: Lit & Visual Culture in Japan

ARTHIST 363W: Lit & Visual Culture in Japan

ARTHIST 365: Postcolonial African Art

ARTHIST 367: 20th C African American Art

ARTHIST 369: Spec Stud:19th/20th Cent Art

ARTHIST 369W: Spec Stud:19th/20th Cent Art

ARTHIST 373: The Russian Avantgarde

ARTHIST 379R: Spec Studies American Art

ARTHIST 389R: Spec Studi African Art Arch

ARTHIST 393R: Special Studies History of Art

ARTHIST 397R: Internship In History Of Art

ARTHIST 398R: Supervised Reading & Research

Art History 400 Level Courses

ARTHIST 470R: Sem:Ancient Mediterr/Anatolian

ARTHIST 470RW: Sem:Ancient Mediterr/Anatolian

ARTHIST 475: Sem:Med/Euro/Renais/Baroque

ARTHIST 475W: Sem:Med/Euro/Renais/Baroque

ARTHIST 480R: Sem:Late18th Cont Eur&Am Art

ARTHIST 480RW: Sem:Late18th Cont Eur&Am Art

ARTHIST 485: Sem:Art-Anc Amer/Afr/Afr Diasp


Dance 200 Level Courses

DANC 211: Tango: Argentina's Art Form

DANC 220: History Of Western Concert Dance

DANC 229: Introduction To Dance

DANC 240: Dance Literacy

Dance 300 Level Courses

DANC 329: Contemporary Issues In Dance

DANC 330: Dance Pedagogy

Dance 400 Level Courses

DANC 493R: Spec Proj:Hist/Theoreticl Rsch


Film Studies 300 Level Courses

FILM 356: History Of American Television

FILM 371: History Of Film To 1954

FILM 372: History Of Film Since 1954

FILM 373: Special Topics in Film

FILM 373W: Special Topics in Film

FILM 374: Animation

FILM 375: The Russian Avantgarde

FILM 381: Classical Film Theory

FILM 381W: Classical Film Theory

FILM 382: Contemporary Film Theory

FILM 384: Literature & Cultural Studies

FILM 384W: Literature & Cultural Studies

FILM 388: Classical Hollywood Cinema

FILM 389: Special Topics in Media

FILM 389W: Special Topics in Media

FILM 391: Studies in Major Figures

FILM 392R: Genre Studies

FILM 393: Documentary

FILM 394: Screening China

FILM 394W: Screening China

FILM 395: National Cinemas

FILM 396R: Non-Western National Cinemas

Film Studies 400 Level Courses

FILM 401: Film Criticism

FILM 401W: Film Criticism

FILM 405R: Experimental/Avant-Garde Cinema

FILM 404: Women And Film

FILM 406: African-Amer/American Cinema

FILM 411: Spec Project In Film Studies


Theater Studies 300 Level Courses

THEA 312: Sem:Shakespeare In Performance

THEA 313: Hist Of American Drama/Thea

THEA 314: 20th Century Music Theater

THEA 315R: Stud In Period Drama

THEA 316R: Studies in Genre

THEA 317R: Studies in a Major Figure

THEA 324R: Studies in Period Style

THEA 365: Modern Drama

THEA 365W: Modern Drama

THEA 366: Contemporary Drama

THEA 366W: Contemporary Drama

THEA 389: Spec Tops:Lit,Hist,Aesth Thea

THEA 389W: Spec Tops:Lit,Hist,Aesth Thea

Theater Studies 400 Level Courses

THEA 494RW: Honors in Playwriting

THEA 495R: Honors Project In Theater

THEA 495RW: Honors Project In Theater

THEA 497R: Advanced Directed Studies

THEA 499R: Spec Proj In Theater Studies

Other Course Requirements

  • Two Art History courses or alternatively, one Art History and one cross-listed Archeology course. One of the Art History courses must be in the modern period (19th century to the present); ARTHIST 102 fulfills this requirement and is highly recommended.
  • ARTVIS 490 Senior Seminar. A fall semester required class for all seniors enrolled in the co-major. This course will provide a formal structure in which the senior students will develop, discuss and present their ideas for their final project and presentation.