CCA Executive Committee

The Excecutive Committee creates new programming, reviews CCA Project Grant applications, and shapes the future of the Arts at Emory.

Committee Members:

Rob Barracano, Department of Film and Media Studies
Matthew Bernstein, Film and Media Studies Department Chair
Paul Bhasin, Music Department
Rachael Brightwell, Managing Director, Schwartz Center
Jericho Brown,
 Creative Writing Program
Beverly Clark, Emory College Office of Communications
Connor Cook, Office of Development and Alumni Relations
Anna Leo, Dance Program
Rhonda Davidson, Director of Development, Emory College (ex-officio)
Allison Dykes, Vice President and Secretary of Emory University (ex-officio)
Giles Eady, College Admissions (ex-officio)
Ami Franklin, Director of Projects and Trustee Relations, President's Office
Carla Freeman, Emory College Dean's Office
Brent Glenn, Artistic Director, Theater Emory
Dana Haugaard, Visual Arts/IVAC
Claire Hennessey, Director of the Office of Foundation Relations
Elizabeth Hornor,
Michael C. Carlos Museum (ex-officio)
Kevin Karnes, Music Department Chair
Loli Lucaciu, Arts Fellow, CCA
Carlton Mackey, Assistant Director, Center for Ethics, Ethics & the Arts Initiative (ex-officio)
Linda Merrill, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Art History Department
Lisa Paulsen, Theater Studies Department Chair
Candy Tate, Assistant Director, CCA
Leslie Taylor, Executive Director, CCA
Leslie Wingate, Director of Campus and Community Relations, Library and Information Technology Services

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