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Emory Student Passport to the Arts

Breaking Ground

2013-2014 Creativity & Arts Award Winners

Wrapping up the 2012-2013 year

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title to Student Passport story

This Center for Creativity & Arts initiative gives Emory students free or reduced admission to arts events. 


First-year students crowd the Schwartz Center Dance Studio during the 2013 Creativity & Arts Soiree. Photo by James Crissman.

By Caitlin Ryan

In its fifth year, the 2012-2013 Arts Passport Program again gave students the opportunity to attend ticketed Arts at Emory events at no cost during their first year on campus. There were more than 1,600 passport uses during the course of the year, up from 1,400 in 2011-2012.   

This fall, all freshmen, transfer students, and Oxford continuees received 2013-2014 Arts Passports free of charge as part of orientation. The Arts Passport is a vital aspect of the Pre-Major Advising Connections at Emory (PACE) Program for incoming students. PACE requires that all freshmen attend and reflect upon at least one arts event during their first semester, in addition to the CCA's Soiree. Though students are only required to go to and answer questions about two events, the 2013-2014 Arts Passport has no limitations: students may reserve tickets for as many events as they wish to attend.  

Upperclassmen may also purchase an Arts Passport for a reduced price of $12, enabling them to attend all events for free. In 2012-2013, 161 students took advantage of the opportunity to do so. The number of students purchasing passports promises to be even higher this year, with increased interest coming from students at the Laney Graduate School, the School of Law, and the School of Medicine. 

Senior Emily Hammond 14C, a dance and biology double major and a 2013-2014 Stipe Scholar, loves seeing a variety of performances outside her own artistic discipline "because it makes it possible for me to experience performances in other genres that I would not normally be able to attend."

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title to Breaking Ground story

Theater Emory teaches innovative theater making through alumni and community engagement.

dance performance

Caitlin Reeves 08C and Emma Yarbrough 09C perform The Ravishing in the Schwarz Center Theater Lab. Photo by Nicholas Surbey.

By Janice Akers, ed. Nicholas Surbey

During the 2012-2013 academic year, the Department of Theater and Dance and Theater Emory launched an innovative series of workshops and performances designed to give artists a space to explore new ideas and Emory students the opportunity to experience and participate in experimental new work. The Breaking Ground series is a laboratory for students, alumni, faculty, and Atlanta artists to exchange and create exciting new performances. 

Projects are often in very early stages of development, and the format is wide open: an excerpt from a play, five minutes of a performance piece, several brief components of an interdisciplinary project, or simply a conversation about a creative idea. 

The idea for the series, which is also a one credit-hour course offered to undergraduate students, was developed by theater studies faculty members Janice Akers, Michael Evenden, Tim McDonough, and Lisa Paulsen. 

"One of the things that makes the class exciting is that students arrive for each session not really knowing what to expect," says Theater Emory Artistic Director Jan Akers. "They meet artists working in many different areas who approach creativity from a variety of directions. 

The workshops and presentations encourage students to articulate what they are seeing and hearing, and to examine the artistic process. What is the experiment? What are the artists trying to develop, and how are they going about it?

Summer Series

In addition to the meetings during the academic year, Breaking Ground includes an intensive summer series in the Schwartz Center Theater Lab. During a four-week period this summer, current students presented works in progress, along with four projects from Emory alumni. 

The creators of each project each had a week in the space to develop their ideas. At the end of the week, the artists opened up their process and invited the public to come view and discuss their work. 

A variety of participants and artists brought an exciting atmosphere of originality and fearlessness during the inaugural season of the series that will help move the workshops in exciting new directions.


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title to CCA Awards story

Emory College Center for Creativity & Arts presented the 2013 Creativity & Arts Awards on September 6, 2013, recognizing Atlanta and Emory community members who have made significant artistic and administrative contributions to the arts.


Yu-Kai Lin 01C receives the Emory Alumni Creativity & Arts Award. From left: Leslie Taylor, executive director; Yu-Kai Lin; Rosemary Magee, vice president and secretary of the university; and Robin Forman, dean of Emory College. Photo by James Crissman.

Alumni: Yu-Kai Lin 01C

A 2001 Emory graduate with a degree in music, Yu-Kai Lin is owner and director of Kai Lin Art. For more than a decade, he has worked with curators, architects, and designers to collect art. He was named among the Top 50 Most Creative Atlantans and voted Best of Atlanta by Jezebel magazine.

Community Impact Artist: Marium Khalid

Marium Khalid is a founding member of Saiah, an Atlanta-based performing arts group located at the Goat Farm. She performed in City of Lions and Gods (2011), based on the experiences of her great-grandmother during the struggle for Pakistani independence, and she directed Moby Dick (2012).

Community Impact Arts Administrator: Cathy Fox

Cathy Fox is executive director and editor of ArtsATL and its chief art critic. ArtsATL was founded in 2009 and serves as the only news source for comprehensive coverage of the arts in Atlanta.

Community Impact Organization: The Creatives Project

The Creatives Project offers arts education opportunities to underserved youth, as well as opportunities for long-term housing, and studio and art space residencies for artists. These artists in turn provide mentorship to young, underprivileged teens and teach them their crafts.

Faculty: Matthew Bernstein

Matthew Bernstein is chair of the Department of Film and Media Studies at Emory University. Bernstein was cochair of the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival for the 2011 and 2012 seasons and continues to serve on and cochair festival committees each year. He curates film series and lecture series on campus that are open to the public. 

Healthcare Staff: DaVida Lee-Williams  

DaVida Lee-Williams joined the staff of the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University as the manager of volunteer services five years ago, and she has worked hard to build the volunteer department not only in numbers, but in quality of services offered. A large part of the service quality improvements have involved the introduction of the arts to her programs.

Healthcare Volunteer: Wayland Moore

Wayland Moore is a professional artist of 55 years and created the Art with Heart art class in the HeartWiseSM Risk Reduction Program to help stimulate and challenge the minds of patients following a heart event (heart attack or surgery). Moore happens to be a patient with the program for 13 years, donating his time to novice and intermediate artists to expand their skills in a fun and supportive environment.

Staff: Robert McKay

Robert 'Bob' McKay is managing director of the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts, joining Emory shortly after his wife Maggi took a position in Health Sciences Development. He oversaw the transition of Emory Concerts Division to the Schwartz Center Administration and was responsible for the opening of the building. During the 10 years since the opening in 2003, McKay has managed and curated the Candler Series; ensured that the Department of Music faculty and classes have good use of the Cherry Emerson Hall for rehearsals, recitals, and performances; and advocated for the arts across campus.

Undergraduate Student: Benito Thompson 15C

Described as bridging the classical and pop worlds, Benito Thompson is a double major in physics and music, performing first violin for the Emory University Symphony Orchestra. His campus involvement includes serving as music director and primary arranger for Emory's all-male a cappella group, No Strings Attached, and he sings bass in the Emory Concert Choir and Emory Mastersingers

Volunteer: Henry Siegelson

Henry 'Hank' Siegelson launched the new Emory Jazz Alliance, a support group for the Department of Music's jazz program. He has hosted events in his home, and he has worked with Director of Jazz Studies Gary Motley and the development office to secure donors. 


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title to Wrapping up

Awards and honors by department

Art History title

Faculty honors

Faculty Publications

It has been a fruitful year for faculty publications in the Department of Art History.

Jean Campell contributed two chapters to edited volumes, ("Poetic Genealogies and the Weight of Style: On Boccaccio and the Early Italian Painters." In Melinda Schlitt (Ed.), Gifts in Return: Essays in Honor of Charles Dempsey (Toronto: Center for Renaissance and Reformatio, 2012) and "Portraiture" for Oxford Bibliographies Online: Renaissance and Reformation, Margaret King (Ed.) (In Press).

Todd Cronan authored two books, Against Affective Formalism: Matisse, Bergson, Modernism. (University of Minnesota Press, 2013) and a monograph on Matisse for Phaidon Books (In Press; February 2014), in addition to a number of book reviews and peer-reviewed articles. Cronan continues to serve as editor, and frequent contributor, for 

Sarah McPhee contributed "Costanza Piccolomini's House" in The Display of Art in Roman Palaces 1550-1750, Gail Feigenbaum (Ed.) for the Getty Museum, Los Angeles (In Press) and reviewed the exhibition Bernini. Sculpting in Clay (New York, October 1-January 6) (2013).

Walter Melion authored several articles for peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes, including "The Meaningful Image: Relational, Exegetical, and Rhetorical Paradigms in the Study of Northern Art." Art History, 35, (2012), "Venus/Venius: On the Artistic Identity of Otto Vaenius and His Doctrine of the Image" in Emblematic, 15 (spring 2013), published by the University of Glasgow. "Parabolic Analogy and Spiritual Discernment in Jeronimo Nadal's `Adnotationes et meditationes in Evangelia'
in The Turn of the Soul: Representations of Religious Conversion in Early Modern Art and Literature, L. Stelling, H. Hendrix, and T. M. Richardson (Ed.), (Leiden and Boston: Brill: Intersections, 2013) 

With Stephen D. White, Elizabeth Pastan has submitted "Picturing the Fall of the English: the Bayeux Embroidery and the Abbey of St Augustine's" (Woodbridge, The Boydell Press, 2013). Pastan coedited the monograph, "Stained Glass before 1700 in the Philadelphia Museum of Art" (London: Harvey Miller, 2012) and contributed articles on the Bayeux Tapestries to a number of peer-edited journals and edited volumes. 

In 2012, Rebecca Stone published Art of the Andes from Chavin to Inca, 3rd edition (New York and London: Thames and Hudson, 2013).

Eric Varner  contributed seven peer-reviewed pieces to edited volumes: "Authority and Authoriality: Julian's Artistic Program." In S. Tougher and N. Baker (Ed.), Emperor and Author: The Writings of Julian the Apostate (London: Classical Press of Wales, 2012); "Violent Discourses: Visual Cannibalism and the Portraits of Rome's `Bad' Emperors." In S. R. Ralph (Ed.), The Archaeology of Violence. Interdisciplinary Approaches (Buffalo: University of Buffalo, 2013); "Maxentius, Constantine, and Hadrian: Images and Expropriation of Imperial Identity." In T. M. Kristensen and B. Poulsen (Ed.), Using Images in Late Antiquity: Identity, Commemoration and Response. (Oxford: Oxbow, 2013); "Fluidity and Fluctuation: the Shifting Dynamics of Condemnation in Roman Imperial Portraiture." In Frank Wascheck (Ed.), Bodies in Transition. (Cologne: Morphomata, 2013); "Reuse and Recarving: Technical Evidence." In E. Friedland and E. Gazda (Ed.), Oxford Companion to Roman Sculpture (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013); "Problems in Patronage in Greek and Roman Art," In C. Marconi (Ed.), Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Art. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013); and "Portraiture, Self-Fashioning, and the Second Sophistic," In W. Johnson (Ed.), Oxford Handbook of the Second Sophistic (pp.). (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013) In addition, Varner has published non-peer-reviewed contributions to edited volumes and a book review.


Bonna Wescoat authored Samothrace, Vol. 9, The Monuments of the Eastern Hill. Princeton, American School of Classical Studies at Athens (2012, In Press). In addition, Wescoat contributed peer-reviewed selections to edited volumes, including "Skopas and the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, Samothrace." In A. Stewart and D. Katsonopoulou (Ed.), Paros, Vol. III, Skopas of Paros. Paroikia, Paros: Paros and Aegean Institute of Archaeology (2012, In Press); "Insula Sacra: Samothrace between Troy and Rome," Tripodes, Vol. 13. In M. Galli (Ed.), Religione come sistema di communicazione: Networks e rituali nei santuari tradizionali greci de età r. Rome: Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene (Accepted); "New Directions in Hellenistic Sanctuaries," Ed. M. M. Miles. In M. M. Miles (Ed.), Blackwell's A Companion to Greek Architecture (Oxford, UK: Blackwell's, 2012); and "Sanctuary of the Great Gods," an Extended Marble Provenance Study, in the Proceedings of the ASMOSIA IX Conference in Tarragona, 8-13 June 2009 (2012).

Jean Campbell (2012) "Poetic Genealogies and the Weight of Style: On Boccaccio and the Early Italian Painters." In Melinda Schlitt (Ed.), Gifts in Return: Essays in Honor of Charles Dempsey. Toronto: Center for Renaissance and Reformation (pp. 41-68). Toronto: Center for Renaissance and Reformation Studies (Published). (2013) "Portraiture." In Margaret King (Ed.), Oxford Bibliographies Online: Renaissance and Reformation. (In Press) A long bibliographic essay with 145 annotated entries.

Student Honors

Senior Honors

Daniel Ledford, Augustanization of Sacred Space: The Sanctuary of Apollo in Pompeii

Rebecca Levitan, Visibility and Impact: The Role of Color on the Parthenon's Ionic Frieze

William Partin III, The Painter as Architect: Two Decorative Commissions by Henri Matisse

Julia Prochazka, Mother of the Mountains: The Virgin Mary as a Bridge from the Inka Past to Post-Colonial Christian-Andean Religiosity

Caitlin Ryan, The Most Refractory Medium: Albert Renger-Patzsch, Edward Weston, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Photographic Discourse Circa 1929

Department Awards

2012 Art History Paper Prize

Caitlin Ryan (First Place), Temporal Structures in Jerome Nadal's "Adnotationes et Meditationes in Evangelia"

Peter Boudreau (Second Place), When Did the "Sodomite" Leave Sodom? A Discourse on the Iconography of the Sodomite

John Howett Prize in Art History

Kendyll Gross

Emory University Awards

2013-2014 Rosemary Magee Internship in the Arts

Caitlin Ryan

Emory University Awards 

Bobby Jones Scholar

Rebecca Levitan

creative writing

student honors

Senior Honors

Jessica Jacksich, Next Stop, Heartland (Fiction, novella)

Andres Oliver, The Margin (Fiction, short story collection)

Jamie Schlansky, Your World against Mine (Fiction, novella)

Creative Writing

English Department's Annual Competition for Best Essay

Undergraduate: Steffi Delcourt

Graduate: Emily Leithauser

Academy of American Poets Prize for Best Poetry Written by an Emory Student

Alex Riddle

Honorable Mention: Jenny Wu

Artistine Mann Award in Poetry for Best Poetry Written by an Emory Undergraduate

Dana Sokolowski

Honorable Mention: Andrew Jones

Artistine Mann Award in Fiction for Best Fiction Written by an Emory Undergraduate

Kimberly Ednumds

Honorable Mention: Emily Gutierrez

Artistine Mann Award in Playwriting for Best Play Written by an Emory Undergraduate

Zachary Kelly

Honorable Mention: Jake Krakovsky and Seth Langer

Artistine Mann Award in Creative Nonfiction for Best Nonfiction Written by an Emory Undergraduate

Michelle Izmaylov

Honorable Mention: Kimberly Edmunds

Agnes Nixon and Kiki McCabe Prize for Screenwriting for Best Screenplay Written by an Emory Undergraduate

Anthony Walner

Honorable Mention: Jae Yoon (Ethan) Chung

The Andrea De Man Award for Excellence in English

Max Ashton

The Harold T. and Mary E. Johnston Fellowship for Travel and Research

Andrew Mezher

The Harry and Sue Rusche Scholarship

Jong M. (Jake) Kim

Grace Abernethy Scholarship in Creative Writing

Anthony Walner

Emily Franklin

Stipe Society for Creative Scholars Award

Steven Wright

dance title

Faculty honors

Gregory Catellier, senior lecturer, created a dance for camera work with Jeff Curtis, entitled Transit, that has been selected by 20 film festivals, including the "Audience Award Winner" at the Columbus International Film + Video Festival, Columbus, Ohio, and the "Golden Eddy for Freeform" (first prize) at Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival, IA. Transit will also be included in this year's American Dance Festival selection. E, the third part in a series of evening-length works based on the elements of dance, explored potential, electrical, and emotional energy. Catellier was commissioned to create two new choreographic works, one for Agnes Scott College and one for Moving in the Spirit's Men in Motion youth development program. Of Kiltering, restaged for Emory Dance Company, was chosen for the Gala concert of the Southeast Regional American College Dance Festival this spring.

Holly Godwin, adjunct professor, received the MAT (Metropolitan Atlanta Theater) award for Best Major Supporting Actress as Isabella Orsini in last season's Essential Theatre production of A Sleeping Country.

Klimchak, Dance Program accompanist and composer, debuted a series of new percussion pieces composed for homebuilt instruments with lights embedded in them for Art on the Beltline in fall 2012.

Anna Leo, associate professor, had a paper accepted to the International Somatics Conference in Rochester (June 2013): "East Meets West: Dance Technique Concepts Accessed through Yoga." Leo created a duet for Julio Medina's Mellon Mays project entitled Me and Julio. She also worked with Director David Crowe at Actors Express to create the horse movement for Equus.

Sally Radell, professor, wrote several articles about her research on the impact of mirrors on a dancers' body image, including an online publication in International Association of Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS), a resource article for IADMS and Research in Dance Education journal. She received a Martin-Massey grant to support working with a graduate student on coding data.

Kendall Simpson, music director, created an original score for the new video exhibit at the Hartsfield-Atlanta Airport titled A Walk through Atlanta History. Simpson was awarded the Suzi Bass Award for Outstanding Sound Design of a Play for his work on I Just Stopped By to See the Man at the Alliance Theater (with Adair Mallory).

Lori Teague, associate professor and director of the Dance Program, presented Bend, a dance for camera installation, which was the culmination of a year and a half of exploring our relationship to water, funded by a URC grant and the Center for Creativity & Arts. Teague worked in collaboration with videographer Mark Teague and movement artists Juana Farfan, Camille Jackson, Kim Kleiber, Dana Lupton, and Tara Shepard Myers in the waters of the Toccoa River and Lake Oconee. Teague was also commissioned to create new choreography for two Atlanta-based dance companies-I felt my life with both hands for CORE Performance Company and There is no such thing as mistakes, was created with Full Radius Dance, an integrated dance company of able and disabled bodies in Atlanta.

According to, which cites US News and World Report, the Emory Dance Program has been listed as one of the top ten colleges for dance.

student honors

Senior Honors

Julio Medina, "Keeping it Real" A lecture demonstration exploring the issues of authenticity, cultural appropriation, and categorization of hip-hop dance on the concert stage (research and performance thesis)

Dance Program Awards

The Pioneer Award

Julio Medina

Sally A. Radell Friends of Dance Scholarship

Natalie Eggert will attend the Staibdance Summer Intensive in Sorrento, Italy.

Emily Hammond will attend the Bates Dance Festival, Lewiston, Maine.

James LaRussa will attend the Staibdance Summer Intensive in Sorrento, Italy.

Arts at Emory Awards

Emory University Woman's Club Arts Scholarship
Sarah Beach

Stipe Society for Creative Scholars Award

Emily Hammond

Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts

Julio Medina

Other Awards

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship

Julio Medina

Film and media title

Faculty honors

Michele Schreiber won an Emory University Research Grant.

student honors

Stipe Society for Creative Scholars Award

Meredith Metcalf

music title

Faculty honors

Eric Nelson was promoted to professor.

Kevin C. Karnes published A Kingdom Not of This World: Wagner, the Arts, and Utopian Visions in Fin-de-Siecle Vienna, New York and Oxford, Oxford University Press (2013).

student honors

Senior Honors

Camilia Heninger, performance honors recital (violin)

Erica Jordon, Musical Expressions of Somali Identity in the North American Diaspora (research thesis)

Derrick Montgomery, performance honors recital (trumpet)

Department Awards

Friends of Music Award

Benito Thompson (junior)

Camilia Heninger (senior) From the Heart Award

Allison Costello (senior) Arts at Emory Awards

Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts

Derrick Montgomery

Stipe Society for Creative Scholars Award

Laurie Ann Taylor

Robert T. Jones Jr. Fellowship

Zach Domach

theater title

Faculty honoes

Vincent Murphy published Page to Stage: The Craft of Adaptation, University of Michigan Press

Donald McManus performed David Fennario' s Bolsheviki: A Dead Serious Comedy (premiered at Emory in 2012) on tour in Montreal, Chicago, and Santa Cruz. The tour was supported in part by a grant from the University Research Council.

Malina Rodriguez received the Fine Faculty Award for outstanding teaching in theater studies.

Leslie Taylor was a Community Engaged Learning Faculty Fellow in 2012-2013, and she is co-teaching a CFCP Freshman Seminar on the Art of Eating this fall.

Student Honors

Senior Honors

Timothy Harland, Before the Gaze: A Historical and Performative Perspective of the Theatrical Mask (thesis with performance)

Theater at Emory Awards

Alice N. Benston Award in Theater Studies

Timothy Harland

Brenda Bynum Theater at Emory Award

Xirui Chai

Fine Award

Emily Kleypas

Friends of Theater at Emory Award

Rachel Delgaudio

Mitchell Amstutz

Julie Richardson (professional)

Friends of Theater at Emory Summer Grant recipients

Markbradley Kitay will intern at Horizon Theater in Atlanta

Kelly Spicer will intern at Theatrical Outfit in Atlanta

Julia Weeks will study at the Accademia dell-Arte in Arezzo, Italy

Emory Arts Awards

Stipe Society for Creative Scholars Award

Jana Muschinski

Sudler Prize in the Arts Nominee

Madeline Teissler

Best Actress-Emory Campus MovieFest

Kelly Spicer (The Bust Stop)

Emily Kleypas was awarded a Servant Leader Summer Internship from the Emory Center for Ethics and will intern at the Alliance Theater.

Jake Krakovsky received a SIRE grant to serve as research assistant for Donald McManus's upcoming book, No Seriously!: Death and Comedy in Theater and Film.

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Center for C&A

title for Stipe Society Scholars

Timothy Harland, Theater Studies, Honors Thesis "Before the Gaze" (cosponsored by SIRE), spring 2013

Derrick Montgomery, Music, "A Master Class with Raymond Mase," fall 2012

Jamie Schlansky, Creative Writing, Alloy Coffeehouse Poetry and Prose Reading, November 2, 2012

Taylor Trew, Visual Arts, "Exploration," spring 2013

Charlotte "Charlie" Watts, "The ThrowAways," spring 2013

CCA Project Grants


Kevin Do, Undecided Major, "The Light Observation Project," January 18-19, 2013

Jake Krakovsky, Theater, "Waiting for Godot: In Research, Rehearsal, and Performance," summer 2013

Charlotte "Charlie" Watts, "The ThrowAways," spring 2013


Linda Armstrong, Visual Arts, "Then the Letting Go" Installation, spring 2013

Diane Kempler, Visual Arts, "Exploring New Forms," summer 2013

Julia Kjelgaard, Visual Arts, "Large Format Printing: New Technologies and Old," summer 2013


Carlton Mackey, Center for Ethics, "50 Shades of Black," spring 2013

Carlos title

Sire Grants

Samantha Owens worked with Bonna Wescoat on the site conservation and management place for Samothrace.

Emory University Libraries

During the 2012-2013 academic year, exhibitions on view in the Woodruff Library have featured collaboration among faculty members, university staff, graduate and undergraduate students, and even community members and high school students. Four of those exhibits and their curatorial teams are:

Let's Talk About Sex: Sexual Identity, Sexual Health, and Sexual Violence at Emory-With articles and images discovered in the Emory Wheel and in Emory Report-from bawdy poems in the 1920s to coverage of Take Back the Night marches in the 2000s-students and faculty created a complex historical portrait of sexual discourse at Emory.

  • Faculty curator: Donna Troka
  • Undergraduate student curators: Sumir Desai, Meredith Doherty, Kala Hurst, Tiken Savang, and Tanya Zamora

And the Struggle Continues: The Southern Christian Leadership Conference's Fight for Social Change-In an exhibition featuring materials from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) archive, the focus is on the ongoing struggle for civil and human rights in the years after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968.

  • Faculty curator: Carol Anderson
  • Archivist curator: Sarah Quigley
  • Graduate student curator: Michael Ra-Shon Hall

A Time of Great Possibility: African American Identity Politics, Community Building, and Racial Destiny, 1900-1940-Drawing on several collections of primary sources housed in the Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library-including the Robert Langmuir African American photograph collection, the Frank and Helen Chisholm papers, and the African American photograph collection-the exhibit addresses the role of education, family, politics, religion, and sports on the development of African American identity at the turn of the 20th century.

  • Faculty curator: Pellom McDaniels III
  • Undergraduate student curator: David John Williams

Writers-The exhibition features photographs of a variety of writers-poets, authors, playwrights, journalists, and others-taken by acclaimed photographer Nancy Crampton, and juxtaposes them with related materials from Emory's Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library (MARBL) selected by 18 guest curators.

  • Exhibition curator: Julie Delliquanti
  • Archivist curator: Elizabeth Chase
  • Faculty and staff guest curators: Agnieszka Czeblakow, Christeene Fraser, Lawrence P. Jackson, Rosemary Magee, Sarah Peterson, Ron Schuchard, Joseph Skibell, Sally Wolff-King, Jake Adam York.
  • Graduate student curators: Alyssa Stalsberg Canelli, Amy Hildreth Chen, Richie Hofmann, Michelle Miles
  • Undergraduate student guest curators: Olivia Murray, Thu Nguyen
  • Community guest curators: Daren Wang
  • High school student guest curators: Rock Delliquanti, Leah Nugent


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